Port operators with experience in ship unloading and bulk cargo manipulation in the different ports of Colombia. We are part of Trading Group International S.A.S


We are a dynamic company capable of satisfying the logistics and port needs of our customers when it comes to the management of the cargo in the main ports of the country, with high security levels, competitiveness and professionalism, supported in modern systems of communication and information, certified machinery and competent human talent.


To be in 2023 a competitive logistics and port operator at a national level in the charge and discharge of ships for bulk merchandise, with permanent updates to the technology applied to our services, with constant development of our personnel, good profitability, strategic alliances that generate competitive advantages, and the most complete and diverse service portfolio.


PORT TRADE S.A.S, is a company committed with the quality management system, fulfilling the requirements demanded by the customers in terms of logistics services in the country’s main ports, with high security levels, certified machinery, optimal infrastructure, low costs, high quality service, qualified workforce and processes that strive for the continuous improvement, customer and stakeholder’s satisfaction.

Our Enterprises

We are leaders of the sector in Colombia

Logistics Integrators of each step in the cargo supply chain with our own resources.

Customs Brokerage Agency specialized in arranging/managing services for the exportation/importation processes, customs transits and foreign trade consultancies.

Port operators, experts in automated bagging of bulks next to vessel or in warehouse.

Port Operators for the management of bulk cargos through the different ports in Colombia.

Industrial user of Barranquilla’s free trade zone services.

Technified warehouses for the management of solid bulks, with a storing capacity of 22.000 tons in a 7.128 m2area.

National Ground Transport Company.

A multipurpose port on the Magdalena River in the department of Cesar, Colombia.

Cargo mobilization solutions through our own vehicles.

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Our Associates


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Km 6, Vía Mamonal, Centro Empresarial CLC | Cel.: (+57)3135466591

Santa Marta

Calle 11 No. 1C-23 Edificio Posihueica Oficina 308-309 | Tel.: (5)4232837


Km 112, Vía Buenaventura - Buga, Glorieta de Media Canoa | Cel.: (+57) 3226552096